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Are you ready to discover your real values, passions, purposes, and create a vision for your ultimate life?

Whether you want to take on your career, start a new venture, or make more time in your life for the things you love to do, the CEO of Your Life 8-Module Class will help you create a vision and execution plan to guide you there. 

You’ll identify what you love to do, are really good at, and which activities bring out the best of you in the best possible way.  You’ll say goodbye to activities that sap your energy and you’ll plan for new ventures and opportunities.  

You’ll be able to make intelligent decisions about how you want to “invest” your time, energy and money for maximum satisfaction and fulfilment. Finally, you’ll develop an action plan that can guide you toward a more rewarding, satisfying life.

What You Can Expect in this Class:

  • Discover your values and your purpose
  • Create a vision for how you want to live your life
  • Determine what activities create the most energy & satisfaction
  • Learn to say no to distractions and diversions that are not aligned to your values or purpose
  • Identify what you love to do, are really good at and what gives you the greatest joy
  • Determine which ventures you want to start, and which of your current ventures should be put to rest
  • Develop an action plan that can guide you toward a more energetic and satisfying life

Over 6,000 Participants From 6 Countries Have Gone Before You

The CEO of Your Life Program is a guided workshop based on the book "If Your Life Were a Business, Would You Invest in it?"  The program has helped more than 6,000 people in 6 countries. Companies such as Shell Netherlands, ICI (UK), AstraZenaca, Procter & Gamble, and British Petroleum have made Life Business™ a vital element of their management programs. 

CEO of Your Life workshop has benefited managers and individuals from all types and sizes of businesses and walks of life—including attorneys, counselors, financial planners, physicians, teachers, scientists, and consultants.
The online class takes you through the first 8 steps of the book  -- by treating it like a business.  During the class you'll create a blueprint of your ideal life and you can refer to it when you need to, for as long as you like.

Who Should Take this Class?
This class is perfect for you if are a positive spirit, that is open to living a happier life, and you have the motivation to write down your answers, insights, goals, and declarations.   If you bring the commitment to yourself, you will learn the secrets and shortcuts needed to succeed as revealed in this course.  

Free Coaching Strategy Session Included!
The online class includes a free coaching strategy session with me (value of $250), which you can schedule at any time while you are going through the online course.   

Questions about the course?
  If you have any questions about this course, please email me at


Watch an Interview with Jerry about the Class

Through their popular Life Business Program workshops and seminars, John Eckblad and David Kiel have helped thousands of individuals across the United States and Europe get their lives on track using tried and true strategies borrowed from the world of business. 




STEP 1:  Review and Reveal Your Immediate Past

STEP 2:  Discover and Name Your Core Life Areas

STEP 3:  Assess Your Life

STEP 4:  Listen to the Market

STEP 5:  Envision a Positive Future

STEP 6:  Strategize for Success

STEP 7:  Set Heart-felt Goals and Identify Life-Changing Projects

STEP 8:  Define Projects and Clarify Commitments


Presented by Jerry Bergner, "CEO of Your Life" Trainer

Teacher, Trainer, Problem-Solver, Coach

Jerry Bergner is a teacher, trainer, problem solver and brainstorming junkie who loves to coach people both personally and professionally as demonstrated in his financial management career over the past 22 years. His passion is helping people to find their true path by understanding that there are opportunities to change their lives in an uncomplicated way when they decide to. 

Jerry lives his life according to this program. He’s been a financial planner for many years, and upon discovering the book in 2007, he invested hundreds of hours into refining the program and the workshop--with the full consent of the authors.